作者:Faye Berryman & Philip O'Carroll[原作]




集叢名:Fitzroy Readers:28


本教材由Fitzroy Community School創辦人Faye Berryman及Philip O'Carroll在過去二十年期間研究發展。他們精細地創作70個故事讀本,書中只使用孩童能自己閱讀的生字。


每一套各十本讀本,可搭配一本50至80頁練習拼字、基礎文法、和閱讀理解的習作(Word Skill workbook)。

  • words we know(p.I)
  • new sound(p.II)
  • In the beginning(p.2)
  • In the very early days of the earth the wind sang.(p.3)
  • "I will flow quickly, I will flow slowly, I will flow under, and I will flow over."(p.4)
  • "I shall reach high, I shall reach low."(p.5)
  • The sun heard thism and promised to keep Earth warm with his golden rays - every day for all Earth time.(p.6)
  • And when the moon came to light the night, she blessed the land and sea with her soft silver glow.(p.7)
  • With all this love from above and below, fish and lizards began to grow(p.8)
  • Then came birds and cats and dogs and things.(p.9)
  • When Earth was ready, love spoke again.(p.10)
  • Much time went by.(p.11)
  • The call of love tells us today, to care and help in every way.(p.12)
  • words we've used(p.III)
  • teacher's page(p.IV)