Thank You God for Mummy

  • 點閱:84
  • 作者:
  • 出版年:2011[民100]
  • 出版社:來來圖書
  • 出版地:臺北市
  • 集叢名:Thank You God for...
  • ISBN:9781906227135


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The colourful illustrations and simple ryhmes in this book series are a fun way for your child to appreciate those they love and all the things they enjoy.


  • Thank You God for mymummy, who caresfor me day after day.(p.1)
  • She makes myfavourite food ...(p.3)
  • ... and takes me(p.5)
  • out to play.(p.6)
  • She comforts mewhen I am sickor down.(p.7)
  • I am alwayshappy when she isaround.(p.9)
  • At the end of theday, when I sitdown to pray ...(p.11)
  • ... I thank YouGod, for mymummy today.(p.13)